ICE systematically hid the truth on immigrant deaths in detention

The other big story relevant for readers of this blog is the New York Times’ expose on Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) systematic cover-up of persistent medical malfeasance in immigration detention facilities. The negligent healthcare available in immigration facilities has long been known and protested by a number of us, but only in the past few years with a number of publicized deaths has it got media attention.

I won’t go into this much, as you can connect to the article here . Make sure you watch the video along the sidebar, “What happened to Boubacar Bah?” I first saw the footage a few months ago (most of it has made the rounds of those of us concerned about detention conditions); it is chilling that this can happen in a land which calls itself a “land of immigrants.” Oh, and if you think this is some holdover from the previous administration, think again: ICE has been on a tear lately, detaining immigrants left and right, and several — one of them a patient of mine, in fact — have significant health problems.

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