Ground rules

First, a few ground rules. This blog will include a variety of topics having to do with humanitarian aid, refugees, healthcare, psychology, and related issues… and perhaps¬†even a few personal anectdotes now and then. There will likely be times when controversy arises, and perhaps a few situations in which publishing information about someone could be dangerous. So, a few ground rules:

1. When referring to individuals who could be harmed in any way by their names being published, I will used pseudonyms (and designate them as such).

2. I will not use the names of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) without the explicit consent of the administrators.

3. In general, I will tend to stay away from critiquing my fellow academics personally. I will, however, provide critiques of ideas and proposals counter to ideas that some of them propose. But I want to be clear: when I provide a critique of someone’s ideas, I will not verbally attack anyone’s person. I say this because the field of international aid and healthcare¬†is tricky, with accusations of arrogance and neocolonialism flying hither and thither, and it’s easy to get heated quickly.

In summary, the ground rules are set out to protect individuals in dangerous situations, organizations working in those situations, and a sense of academic professionalism (which, although perhaps a contradiction in terms to some, is something I value highly). I would appreciate if you follow these ground rules in your reponses.

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